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The Cresta kitchen

At the Cresta.Alpin.Sport.Hotel, we love Austrian cuisine, especially with a modern-day twist and based around fresh culinary ideas. As hosts, we support our kitchen crew as best we can in realising its creative potential – always in a respectful and well-organised environment.

“Our team is held together by mutual trust and camaraderie. We want our hotel to be a pleasant place to work in, where each individual player feels supported, and we are committed to making this a reality.”

(Barbara und Max Weissengruber)

The “PIZ-Bistro” at the Cresta

Our guests appreciate the family atmosphere of our hotel, to which every single one of our employees contributes, providing outstanding service that creates a relaxed and comfortable holiday ambience, both for our hotel guests and our day guests. 

“Our family-run hotel is open to the world and a great holiday destination for our international guests as well as a great workplace for our team!”

(Barbara and Max Weissengruber)

Julian Ostermann – sommelier:

“When I was asked whether I would like to come back this winter, I didn’t hesitate to say yes!”

The Cresta reception

Our guests appreciate the laid-back and welcoming atmosphere of our hotel, and our commitment to service forms its basis. Just like our team is always striving to inspire our guests, we are always striving to encourage and promote our employees and to broaden their range of experience.

We have been in charge of the hotel since 2002 and have always set great store by a modern working environment and family atmosphere for our staff.

(Barbara und Max Weissengruber)

Max - reception:

“I’ll be at my usual spot and am already looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new colleagues!"

Housekeeping at the Cresta

The Cresta is located right next to the slopes. With its 26 rooms, 5 suites, and an exclusive wellness area, it is the perfect holiday base for our guests, and our housekeeping service and our caretaker make sure that it stays that way.

“We wish our Zoran many happy years in his retirement, and are looking forward to working with his successor over as many years as we did with him!”

(Barbara and Max Weissengruber)

Kosta Zafirovic – all-rounder:

“I am currently working in Carinthia, and this winter I’ll be part of the Cresta team for the eleventh time. I can’t wait!”



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