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We work at the Cresta: Team Gallery

Malies Novak – Reception

Lower Austria - Purkersdorf, 22 years

Coming to us from Lower Austria, she started her third season in Cresta in the winter of 2017. She particularly likes the wonderful location of our hotel in the mountains.


“Welcoming guests from all over the world provides variety and never makes the work monotonous. In addition, thanks to the familiar atmosphere between bosses and employees, it is always possible to work in a good mood.”

Jörg Anders – Head Chef

Germany - Sebnitz, 33 years

hails from Germany and has known Oberlech for 11 years. He loves its atmosphere and is by now as skilled on his skis and snowboard as he is with pots and pans in our kitchen.


"During my first season at the Cresta I learned to appreciate the strong team as well as the freedom to develop and experiment with my cooking skills. I look forward to many more seasons in the future!"

Cornelia Jakoubek – Head of Housekeeping

Lower Austria - Groß-Siegharts, 33 years

has been a member of our team for 13 seasons. She is from Lower Austria and appreciates Oberlech’s tranquillity and the absence of cars.


"We enjoy an excellent work environment. The Cresta is not too big and everyone is very friendly with each other. In my free time, I like going to the gym, reading and listening to music."

Zoran Stankovic - Caretaker

Serbia - Jagodina, 65 years

Comes from Serbia and has also been with us for 13 seasons.


„The boss and the colleagues are very nice, that is what makes the work fun!"