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  • Cres­ta.Al­pin.Sport.Ho­tel****
    Oberlech 170
    6764 Oberlech
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Oberlech am Arlberg is situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings, in a sunny location where you will find peace and tranquillity. To keep it that way, you will need to leave your car in Lech, while you comfortably travel up to the Cresta.Alpin.Sport.Hotel at an altitude of 1,700 metres by cable car.

How to reach the Cres­ta.Al­pin.Sport.Ho­tel in Ober­lech

Drive to the Lech-Oberlech cable car (past the village centre on the left-hand side). There, you will receive a ticket for the underground car park issued in your name. That’s where you unload your car, and we will bring your luggage straight up to Oberlech by cable car, which is linked directly to the hotel through an underground tunnel system. All you need to do is hop on the cable car, which will take you up to an altitude of 1,700 metres in just a few minutes. From there, the Cresta.Alpin.Sport.Hotel in Oberlech is just a few steps away – and your winter break can begin!

Taxi and bus connections on Arlberg mountain

To make sure that you reach the Cresta.Alpin.Sport.Hotel quickly, easily and stress-free, taxi and bus connections are also available:

Taxi - Der Lecher

“Der Lercher”, our taxi partner, takes you to your destination in great comfort.

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Arlberg Express

The Arlberg Express takes you to where you need to go in the Arlberg region. Please see below for information on bus connections offered by Arlberg Express.

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